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When you manage to launch a premium fly rod series which is received well by your fellow anglers, it is pretty obvious, that you want to do that also with your new fly reel. A premium reel requires a world-class brake, plenty of line capcity, a light but still solid construction and last but definitely not least a unique design to separate it clearly from all the other reels on the market. Those were our main objectives when we set out to do just that with our novel XO fly reels. Light large-arbour reel with a well tested brake design and super cool outlook is our new premiun product to complement nicely for example our top of the line XO fly rods. 3-4 class reel is implemented with a adjustable click brake for needed lightness, where as #5-6 and #7-8 class reels have a proper disc brake.

XO #3/4
When lightness is the key
Great for modern nymph techniques. Adjustable click brake.
Diameter 85mm. Volume 55cm3.
WF4+50m 20lb backing. Weight 63g.

XO #5/6
Best option for normal river fishing. Disc brake.
Diameter 95mm. Volume 80cm3.
WF6+50m 20lb backing. Weight 123g

XO #7/8
Especially suitable for lake fishing, heavy streamer, single-hand salmon and pike fishing. Disc brake.
Diameter 103mm. Volume |95cm3.
WF8+150m 20lb backing. Weight 135g.



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