XO reel’s stunning look fused with XLB reel’s bomb proof & powerful brake. The brake mechanism has been used for over 20 years with countless huge fish under its belt and now it’s mounted on this sturdy but beautiful reel family. On these reels this proven brake mechanism is sealed even better than in its predecessors. Two bigger sizes are aimed for heavy saltwater use. The brake power increases very linearly within 2,5 rounds, giving you impressive 8kg maximum force. The waterproofing utilises axle seals from German Ina and all bearings are from Japan. Merisuola 7-8 has the same large-arbour design and brake system as the XO #7-8. However, we have increased the brake power and capacity for this saltwater version.

  • Large-arbour
  • Full rim
  • #7-8 has the same proven sealed disc brake design as XO #7-8
  • #9-10 & #10-12 have a sealed disc brake based on XLB brake design
  • Built in counter balance
  • SKF bearing grease

Spacious and light large-arbour reel #7-8

Especially suited for coastal and saltwater fishing whether you are aiming seatrout, pike or bonefish.

  • Diameter 103mm
  • Volume 110cm3
  • WF8+200m 36lb Dacspun
  • Weight 135g

The generalist of saltwater reels #9-10

The #9-10 Merisuola reel will do just about anything in saltwater fishing. If you need to choose just one rod and reel combo for most SW fishing a #9 or a #10 would be the choice of most anglers. You can have permit, barracuda, tarpon, trevallies, big bonefish and a wide variety of other species on the list and this reel will perform.

  • Diameter 109mm
  • Volume 141cm3
  • WF10 + 240m 50lb Dacspun
  • Weight 258g

Made for the sea monsters #10-12

This reel is designed for the biggest and most brutal fish in the ocean. Testing phase of this reel consisted of fighting against GT’s, big tarpon, bluefin tuna and cars. And the reels didn’t only survive, they excelled!

  • Diameter 114mm
  • Volume 198cm3
  • WF12 + 300m 50lb Dacspun
  • Weight 269g
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#7/8, #9/10, #10/11


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