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The first contact I had with the Thomas & Thomas brand was back in 1997. I got a call from Tom Dorsey who wanted to purchase some images for the Thomas & Thomas catalog from me. The images ended up on the cover and on many other pages in the catalog. Being a fly fishing “addict” instead of money on the account I ended up with a bounch of Thomas & Thomas rods. Two of them being Paradigm rods.

I was more in to fast action rods and loved the Horizon rods wich i fished with a lot in my home waters. One year later I was packing for a trip to Slovenia and one of the Paradigm rods was on the packing list. We fished many waters on that trip and I will never forget the brown trout i caught in the Unec river. A size 22 emerger on 7x tippet and 2kg brown trout. The Paradigm rod was so perfect for that kind of fishing, my fast action rods just could not handle the thin tippet and the strong fish.

So here we are, closing the circle, the Paradigm is back! Probably one of the best dry fly – presentation rods available.

If you are in to selective trout, fishing with thin leaders and casting for big fish… This is the rod for you!


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