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The Scott G-Series has generated hype like few other rod ranges, and long before its launch we’ve had massive interest in these crisp and beautiful rods that have already won prestigious prices for their imminent casting abilities.
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Iconic and revolutionary, Scott G rods were first introduced in 1976. And with G, we truly changed fly fishing – by designing the first 9’ 4-weight rod (seriously, the very first 9’ 4 weight). And if that wasn’t big enough, we also pioneered the graphite hollow internal ferrule – the most sophisticated and seamless way to connect multi-piece fly rods smoothly.

Those innovations are a couple of serious ‘firsts’ in the fly fishing world, and are a big part of why Scott G rods are among the most beloved medium-action, smooth-flexing fly rods.

But it didn’t stop there… Scott was born with the determination to progress, and by building on the legacy of the Original G, we launched the G2 in 2006, and modernized medium-action fly rods by making them lighter and more responsive.

Now, with that same conviction, we introduce the next evolution in the G heritage… the all new G Series. We’ve elevated medium-action fly rods to new heights by creating rods that load deeply into their lower sections yet recover quickly and are directionally stable in all casting planes.

We solved this design conundrum, in part, with two innovations. First, we reinvented the hollow internal ferrule to make it more flexible, stronger, and more than 20% lighter. And second, we engineered the most dynamic multi-modulus lay-ups we’ve ever created using our advanced resin and fiber composites. The results are rods that have great stability and tracking, and generate faster line speeds. This improves accuracy and turnover even in windy conditions. And even with those big performance improvements, G Series rods retain that smooth, full-flexing action.

We fit G Series rods with the most innovative and functional components like titanium stripping guides, Universal snake guides, and new micarta reel seat spacers. Along with that leading edge technology, we celebrate some of the classic visual cues

from their heritage in features like the thread wraps and epoxy finished cork at the top of the grips. Like every Scott rod, G Series rods are handcrafted one at a time, in our shop by anglers who take pride in each and every rod they build.

With over 40 years experience designing and crafting high performance medium- action fly rods, we’ve set yet another standard – the first rods to deliver full flex and flat loops.

The all new G Series is like no other, and it’s better than ever.


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