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With a delicate touch and medium action, the TROUT LL family has been designed with the trout angler and dry flies in mind. Through blank taper optimization and specialized length offerings, the TROUT LL is perfected for wade fishing, closer casts, small flies, and light tippets. A relatively supple tip maximizes light tippet protection and gives way to a smooth easy-loading mid-section that increases feel and feedback throughout the casting stroke. When the hatch is on, the TROUT LL is an angler’s best friend.

Drawing inspiration from historic Sage rods of the past, the TROUT LL is a nod toward tradition with a classic appearance and a smooth casting taper, yet adds modern performance features in accuracy and loop control through the backbone of Konnetic HD blank material.

The TROUT LL series is available in a combination of classic dry fly line weights and lengths 7’9” though 9’0” while beautiful wood inserts and premium componentry add an elegant touch to these high performance rods.

Sage Trout LL 7’9″ #3
Small caddis and attractors – A great tool for small, brushy streams and close casts. The 379-4 is a joy to play fish on and protects light tippets incredibly well.
Sage Trout LL 8’9″ #3
Tricos and small mayflies – Best on small to medium streams but in a pinch can hold it’s own on large water. It may be the ultimate tool for wading a stream while fish are actively eating micro bugs off the surface or in the film.
Sage Trout LL 8’6″ #4
Small to medium sized mayflies and caddis -The perfect tool for small stream fishing when you want the versatility to cast larger flies. The 486-4 opens up the option to cast large terrestrials while still offering accuracy and lightweight feel that is perfect for smaller fish in smaller water.
Sage Trout LL 9’0″ #4
Small to medium sized mayflies and caddis – An amazing all-around tool for the angler who plans the day around a dry fly hatch but also wants to mix in some other techniques during a stale mid-day hour.
Sage Trout LL 8’6″ #5
Medium sized caddis and terrrestials – The 586-4 features the versatility of a 9’0″ 5wt with increased accuracy in tighter spaces. Great for the angler looking for a rod to do it all with a slight focus on smaller water.
Sage Trout LL 9’0″ #5
Medium sized mayflies, caddis, and terrestrials – A 9’0″ 5wt featuring a modest casting tempo and a smooth but versatile action. A versatile tool designed to cover the majority of scenarios faced by a trout angler.
Sage Trout LL 9’0″ #6
Larger stoneflies and terrestrials – The 9’0″ 6wt brings the smooth and easy-loading action to a six weight size. The 6wt is a versatile player and can handle anything from small flies to streamers. This 6wt takes it all in stride and offers a unique experience for the angler who wants to cast at a slower, more deliberate tempo.


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