The Rodwalker Greenstone reel is the latest innovative fly reel from the Rodwalker brand. With a weight of 4.1 oz ( size 3/4) this is one of the lightest trout reels with disc drag available today.
The Greenstone reel has a Giga arbor design that promotes faster line pick up and backing drying. Each reel machined from durable yet lightweight 6061 bar-stock aluminum with a hard anodized aluminum bushing for ultralight weight. A fully enclosed, center mounted Rulon disc drag that wil protect 7X tippets. An exposed rim lets you palm the counterbalanced, quick release spool for even more control.
To come close to this quality of workmanship and performance you will likely have to spend twice as much as what these reels cost.

#3/4 #4/6 #7/8
Weight: 4.1 oz ( #4/6) 126g.
Outer diameter: 83 mm
Spole inner diameter: 47mm
Widh inner spool: 27mm
Widh reel: 34mm
Kapacitet: WF4+90yds 20lbs backing
Weight: 4.5 oz ( #4/6) 136g.
Outer diameter: 89 mm
Spole inner diameter: 54mm
Widh inner spool: 27mm
Widh reel: 34mm
Kapacitet: WF6+120yds 20lbs backing
Weight: 4.7 oz ( #4/6) 148g.
Outer diameter: 96 mm
Spole inner dia


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