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There are adverse conditions that place a different set of demands on our equipment – extreme weather, extreme distance, or even extreme flies. The Ultralite X is the answer to those demands and is significantly faster than our standard Ultralite. The high recovery rates drive tight loops with even the largest flies. The more powerful butt section is built for lifting deep sunk lines, pressuring large fish away from snags, and handling density compensated fly lines with aggressive tapers.

  • SINTRIX NSX combined with a greater percentage of high modulus carbon fibre
  • Rapid taper blank design maximises material performance
  • Ceramic lined titanium recoil guides
  • Rod of choice for high performance extreme situations
  • 4-piece rods for convenient travel
  • Supplied in a sectioned cloth bag and an aluminium tube


Size/Variant No. Pieces Line Rating Weight g/oz/lbs Action
9ft 0in #8 4pce 4 #8 3.4oz Fast
9ft 0in #5 4pce 4 #5 3.0oz Fast
9ft 0in #6 4pce 4 #6 3.0oz Fast
9ft 0in #7 4pce 4 #7 3.4oz Fast
9ft 6in #7 4pce 4 #7 3.8oz Fast
10ft 0in #7 4pce 4 #7 3.8oz Fast
10ft 0in #8 4pce 4 #8 4.0oz Fast


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