HARDY Ultradisc UDLA Fly Reel / Gunmetall



The scaled multi-pad drag system is also unregulated, meaning fine adjustments of the drag pressure over a large window is possible. Available in two colourways, Gunmetal and Black and a mid-range price point, this reel takes the modern Hardy performance fly reel to the next level! A lightweight disc drag reel in its purest form, the all-new Hardy Ultradisc UDLA features everything you need and nothing you don’t in a disc drag fly reel. With an innovative new frame design, this reel sets a new standard in lightweight performance reels whilst allowing the use of ultra-thin fly lines and running lines as well as leader – systems popular in modern fly fishing for Trout and Salmon.

  • 2020 ICAST Online Best of Category Winner – Fly Fishing Reel
  • A new standard in lightweight Disc drag reel design
  • Multi pad scaled disc drag system
  • Unregulated drag system for fine adjustments
  • Enclosed line guard frame design for use with leader only systems and thin running lines
  • The lightest Disc drag reel ever produced by Hardy
  • Available in 8 sizes to suit #3 to #12 weight lines


3000 108g/3.8oz WF4/45yds/20lb #2/3/4 89mm/3.5in
4000 114g/4.0oz WF5/75yds/20lb #3/4/5 94mm/3.7in
5000 119g/4.2oz WF6/80yds/20lb #4/5/6 99mm/3.9in
6000 139g/4.9oz WF7/100yds/20lb #5/6/7 104mm/4.1in
7000 142g/5.0oz WF8/115yds/20lb #6/7/8 109mm/4.3in
8000 181g/6.4oz WF9/150yds/30lb #7/8/9 114mm/4.5in
9000 190g/6.7oz WF10/150yds/30lb #8/9/10 122mm/4.8in
10000 198g/7.0oz WF10/240yds/30lb #9/10/11 127mm/5.0in


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