HARDY Ultraclick UCL Reel


The all new Ultraclick is Hardy’s lightest ever fly reel. It features a fully enclosed line guard for use with super-thin fly lines and ESN leader-only systems. The Hardy Ultraclick is the ultimate for the light line aficionado. Fitted with an adjustable all-metal click drag system, this is the perfect reel for the lightest of applications.
SKU: HARDY Ultraclick UCL Reel
  • A new standard in lightweight reel design
  • Adjustable all-metal clicker system
  • Enclosed line guard frame design for use thin fly lines
  • Push off spool release
  • The lightest fly reel ever produced by Hardy


2000 57g. WF2/33yds/20lb
3000 62g. WF3/40yds/20lb
4000 65g. WF4/45yds/20lb
5000 70g. WF5/65yds/20lb


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