GUIDELINE NT8 Double Hand Rods


Featuring the very latest in Nano-Tube reinforcement technology, our new NT8 Series brings Guideline rods to the next level.
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By combining an ultra strong and responsive IM8 High Tensile Carbon material with Nano Tube particles through a proprietary bonding process, blanks with exceptional performance and strength are created. These rods have not only tested as the strongest rods we have ever produced, but they are also the lightest, making them a joy to use along rivers and coastlines during long, intense fishing days. NT8 rods are identified by a remarkable recovery kick in a rod that is Medium/Fast and loads deep and precise, generating increasing amounts of power as you ask for it.

While still maintaining impressive lifting power for sinking lines, this deeper, yet fast type of action will work for a wide range of casts, lines and casting styles. Rod manufacturing has come a long way during the last few years and we find it only natural that the premium rods in our range now are multi-piece and transportable in your luggage when travelling. We see no downsides to producing the two 10’ single hand rods as 5-piece and the six double hand rods as 6-piece models. The satin finished Charcoal Grey blanks are fitted with light Titanium anodized single leg guides.

We use Fuji KW gunsmoke stripping guides, which we have found to be the best out there. Reel seats are GL custom and lock in tight and secure. Grips are in highest quality Portuguese Super Grade cork with rubber-cork reinforced edges. NT8 rods are delivered in a protective, thick Air Mesh rod bag and a lightweight tube.These rods are State-Of-The-Art and will deliver the best possible Guideline performance across the range.


NT8 12978 12’9″ #7/8 196g 6 27-30g / 420-465 grains
NT8 12989 12’9″ #8/9 199g 6 30-33g / 465-510 grains
NT8 129910 12’9″ #9/10 204g 6 34-37g / 525-570 grains
NT8 13989 13’9″ #8/9 220g 6 30-33g / 465-510 grains
NT8 139910 13’9″ #9/10 224g 6 34-37g / 525-570 grains
NT8 149910 14’9″ #9/10 245g 6 34-37g / 525-570 grains
NT8 1491011 14’9″ #10/11 257g 6 41-44g / 630-680 grain


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