GUIDELINE Bullet Evolve 2.0


The powerful Bullet fly lines are also upgraded and incorporated into the “EVOLVE” series of new lines.
SKU: GL102876

GUIDELINE Bullet Evolve 2.0

A slicker and harder coating brings better casting performance and durability. The added hardness also makes the line perform better during hot summer days. An orange “Control Zone” indicates the position of the back taper, between the Blue Gray belly and the Teal handling/Running line. A flyline that is virtually unaffected by wind and larger flies. Shoots like a bullet and features a great balance and doesn’t collapse, despite the short head.

This, of course because of the way the taper is designed, dampening any disturbance in the loop and sending the line flying with a minimum of blind casts. Just lift and shoot; you’ll be amazed at the result! Suitable for Dry flies/Nymphs/Streamers in Streams/Rivers/Smaller Lakes. Looped front and a laser ID marking about 50 cm up from the tip. Color: Blueish Gray/Orange/Teal.



Line Weight Head Length Head Weightt Total Length
WF #5 Floating 8,5 m / 27,8 ft 11 gram/170 grains 27,5 m / 30 yds
WF #6 Floating 8,5 m / 27,8 ft 13 gram/200 grains 27,5 m / 30 yds
WF #7 Floating 8,5 m / 27,8 ft 15 gram/232 grains 27,5 m / 30 yds
WF #8 Floating 8,5 m / 27,8 ft 17 gram/262 grains 27,5 m / 30 yds
WF #9 Floating 8,5 m / 27,8 ft 20 gram/309 grains 27,5 m / 30 yds


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