Fly Fishing Combo for coastal Seatrout



Buy Fly Fishing Combo for coastal Seatrout | Fly Fishing Combo for coastal Seatrout for sale

Here you can put together your own fly combo for seatrout fishing in the Baltic sea. Great value and all the products are well suited for the harsh conditions the seatrout angler has to face when fishing for seatrout in the Baltic sea.

The Greys GR60 rods have a slightly more “foregiving” action than the Guideline Elevation rods. So if you are a beginner in fly fishing then Greys rods would probaly be the better option for you.

The Guideline Elevation rods have a slightly faster action than the Greys GR60 rods and can handle those very windy days in a better way.

Lamson Liquid
Our favorite reel in this lineup is the Lamson Liquid. A real workhorse that has proven itself over and over again. We have sold hundreds of these reels. Very solid construction and Lamson gives the first owner a lifetime warranty!!!! We highly recommend these reels!

Sage Spectrum C
Great reel from Sage. Probably the best breaking system on the market in a moderate priced reel. You can’t go wrong with these…

Guideline Favo
Very popular reel from Guideline. Gets the job done…

Greys GTS
Simple reel great price.

Fly line:
Our own KIVIK fly line. Choose between the 16g. or the 18g.

Backing and a 3pack of leaders is included!


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