FFM KIVIK Flyline Slow-Intermediate


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With more than 60 years experience from coastal fly fishing for seatrout in the baltic sea, we deceided it was time get our own fly line. Having a fly shop and talking to fly fishermen every day makes you understand what people want and what they don’t want.

The KIVIK line has a head lenght of 10 meters followed by a 3m handling line. Unique for this line is that the slow-intermediate coating runs 4 meter in to the shooting line. This makes the section of the line that is exposed to the most stress more durable and longer lasting.

In our tests this line outperforms all other coastal-lines available today.

The line is 3-colored, Olive head, high vis orange handling line, light blue shooting line.

Looped in both ends.
Sink rate: 1,5cm sec.

Lenght: 30m.


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